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About DC Social Marketing

Boasting an impressive portfolio of clients, our greatest achievement is our client retention. Having worked with many clients for years, we know what is important to keep our customers happy, and are leading the way on social media and customer content marketing.

Our results driven, strategic approach to social media is both unique and cutting edge. We have taken away the fluffy marketing, vague gains and theoretical benefits associated with social media, replacing these with real results for your business.

Who do we work with?

We work with any business that offers an experience – including but limited to travel, tourism, leisure, arts, entertainment, sports, food, drink and restaurants.

Social media is used to greatest effect when you utilise media content to express the experience of your products and services and Our applications have been developed with a focus of capturing rich media – photos and videos – and enabling for this content to be shared across social networks. So, If you're in the business of selling experiential products or services and want to see a real business benefits from social media, then you've come to the right place!

The dedication and enthusiasm delivered by the DC Social Media team to help our clients succeed has established Digital Visitor as a leading social media agency, and the choice for many leading brands.

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