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We can utilise the power of Twitter™ to connect with customers and drive sales. We typically user Twitter in the following ways:

Twitter Profile Build. Get your Twitter profile in-line with your brand

It sounds simple but your Twitter profile should match your brand and website to ensure continuity.

Users will expect to be immersed with your brand in each of your social presences and Twitter is no exception.

Twitter can be customised with a custom designed background, profile picture and header photo. We can design each element to incorporate your website style and adhere to any brand guidelines.

Twitter Advertising. Advertise to millions of Twitter users

Twitter advertising is a great way to promote your brand, product, service or cause on one of the biggest and most interactive sites on the web. There are several different types of Twitter advertising, detailed below.

Twitter advertising has only just become available, and here at Clicky Media™ we're extremely pleased to be one of the first to offer a comprehensive Twitter advertising service. Whatever your marketing goals we can help you achieve them with a tailored package specifically developed for your company.

Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets are essentially just like normal tweets with one huge difference: your tweet can reach far further than just your followers and, even better, you can decide who you want to see your tweet. Targeting can be by demographics, interests and even location.

The promoted tweet will appear to your targeted users at the top of search results, and Twitter users interact with the tweet just as they would any other tweet.

Promoted Tweets are offered on a Cost-per-Engagement (CPE) basis, so you only pay when someone retweets, replies to, clicks or favorites your Promoted Tweet.

In addition, impressions on retweets are free and can amplify the reach and cost-effectiveness of your campaign many times over.

Promoted Trends

If you're a twitter user you'll know that every minute of every day, Twitter hosts millions of viral conversations that reflect some of the hottest topics of the moment. These trends are featured prominently next to a user's timeline on the right hand side.

As a result, the top ten trends globally, or in the UK etc. get a huge amount of exposure, and thus by promoting a trend of #ActivityDay, you can kick-start or amplify a viral conversation about activity days. The same can be done with your brand name or one of your new products or services perhaps…

Promoted Accounts

Twitter users are constantly given suggestions of other accounts to follow; these normally are shown in accordance with what that twitter user is interested in. However, there's no way to guarantee that your twitter account will be shown to those who might be interested in you…until now. Your brand's Promoted Account will now appear in the "who to follow" section for users who have been identified as most likely to have interests similar to your account, and this can again be Geo-targeted.

Twitter Management. Market your business on Twitter

We can help take the hassle and stress out of managing your Twitter profile. If you don't have the time to manage your own Twitter account, then we can tailor-make a perfect Twitter management service for you.

We can be constantly on the ball, growing your fanbase and responding to fans and followers giving you time to focus your efforts and man-hours elsewhere.

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