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This is the basic process of setting up a new PPC advertising campaign on either Google AdWords or Bing Ads.

1. Research & Keyword Selection. Effective research is the secret to getting off to a good start!

Before we start any PPC campaign we first need to agree the goals of the campaign and decide the ways in which we are going to judge the effectiveness.

The simplest type of goal might be a purchase of an item on your website or the completion of a "quote request form". For other campaigns the goals may be simply to increase awareness of your brand. Whatever the goal might be, we need to ensure we all understand how we are going to judge the performance of the campaign.

Once this has been agreed we need to take a look into your market and analyse your competition before assembling a list of keywords we are going to use in your campaign.

Usually, we decide on the choice of keywords through an open discussion with you, making sure we understand some of the types of terms that are used within your industry. We can also use a range of tools such as the "Google Keyword Tool" to produce ideas based on search volumes and trends.

Once a list of keywords is produced we begin to group them into "AdGroups", which are essentially groups of commonly themed keywords often dictated by the service offerings your business offers. For example a website selling gardening products would typically group each set of keywords into types of products such as "Furniture", "Mowers" and "Weed control".

Once these groups are established, we begin creating derivatives of each keyword we have chosen to ensure we cover each different way of searching for the same thing (e.g. "hedge cutter" and "hedge trimmer") until we have a long list (often 1000′s) of different keywords for our campaign.

Each "AdGroup" needs to then be assigned a "landing page" which we will direct any searchers for each type of keyword to. For example, searches for "hedge cutters" will need to have a page we are going to direct them to – the most sensible being the page on your website which shows a choice of different hedge cutters – ensuring the client is not having to start their search again when they arrive on your website.

2. Account Setup. Our Google/Bing Qualified team start to build your campaigns

Once we have built out a keyword list we can start to build out your campaigns on each search engine platform we are going to utilise.

We usually start this with the largest and most used search engine, Google, and then roll it out to others such as Bing.

Google has a platform known as AdWords, which we have a special advertisers login for, that allows us to manage hundreds of campaigns within one area.

Each member of our PPC management team are Google Qualified to set up and manage these campaigns and have the expertise to ensure they are set up to ensure maximum performance after launch.

Each keyword and AdGroup is added to your campaign with a landing page associated to each. We also agree the content of your advert, which will appear when people search for one of your keywords, as well as the starting "bid price" for each keyword.

The "bid price" is set in accordance to the current market value of the keyword you have chosen, which is dictated by the current competition for the keyword. This "bid price", in conjunction with the quality of your "landing page" (known as "Quality Score"), will determine where on the search results page your advert will appear. (The higher your bid and/or quality of your keyword/landing page the higher on the list of search results you will appear.)

After launch, we manage these bids on a daily basis to ensure they maintain an agreed ROI (Return on Investment) metric.

3. Landing Page & Tracking. Making the perfect user journey & tracking performance

Once the campaigns have been built we now need to look carefully at where we are going to direct each keyword searcher after click and set up the appropriate tracking metrics.

As mentioned before, the "quality" of this landing page is now a vital element of the success of your campaigns. Google analyses the quality of the landing page and gives it a score out of 10

The idea is that if you ensure a good "user journey" for any potential customer who clicks your ad, Google will allow you to spend less for each click.

Assigning each AdGroup a suitable landing page may require some web development work if a suitable page is not currently available. Our web design department are on-hand to do this and can work with our PPC management team to ensure we create the perfect landing page.

Once the landing pages have been assigned, we need to then set up some measurement metrics to track the performance of each keyword. For eCommerce websites the tracking is straightforward, as we can simply assign the total basket value and track it against the cost of the click. For other less instant types of conversion (e.g. a quote request) we can simply assign a number of enquiries to each keyword. Whichever conversion method we choose, we need to ensure we have some form of metric to allow us to optimise the campaign later.

Our PPC management team, in conjunction with our in-house web development team, can ensure your tracking metrics are installed and working before we launch any campaigns so we can be measuring performance from day one.

4. Launch. The fun bit

Once we are happy that our keywords, landing pages and performance metrics are installed correctly it is time to unleash your campaign on the millions of search engine users.

Launching a campaign usually takes an hour or so. So, once we are happy, your ads can start being served to searchers the same day and statistics on performance can be gathered almost instantly.

We are now working with real data and the guess work is over. We can see exactly what is working and what is not. Our PPC management team now start to maximise the ROI of your investment by tweaking keyword bids, removing any non performing keywords and adding any we may have missed.

We usually give a campaign at least two weeks to allow the campaign to settle in before making any major changes.

5. Manage and Refine. Management, Management, Management

We often meet clients who have said they "gave PPC a go" but it seemed a bit expensive. This is usually because they missed out this stage which is the most vital part of the process.

The daily optimisation of your campaigns is the secret to ensuring a good level of ROI. Our team have saved our clients £millions over the years and our management fee should be easily paid for by the savings we can offer you.

Our team are also on hand to adapt your campaign in line with any changes to your business such as, sales, new product/service offerings, events or any other type of activity.

We provide bespoke detailed monthly reports (which can be adapted to suit you) which detail the performance metrics and we are on hand to give you any updates on progress throughout the month.

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