Email Marketing

Directly approach your potential customers with targeted email campaigns – Email has been around for years, but smartphones and tablets have given the medium a whole new lease of life.

Email marketing works best when you target individuals who have chosen to keep in touch with you. We, like you, don't like unsolicited emails and the chances are you completely ignore them when you receive them anyway.

The emails you do respond to, are those from companies that you have previously worked with or specifically asked to be kept up to date with their news.

Here at DC Social Marketing we can help setup your website to gather relevant email addresses of people that get in touch with you via web forms. These can be those filling in a form to request a quote, download a brochure or buy a product for example.

Email Marketing Services

  • Templates Design
    Beautiful designs that match your brand! To maximise your response rates
  • self service system
    Our email marketing system is entirely web-based
  • Reporting
    Amazing real-time reports. Measuring the performance of your campaigns.

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