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Take a look at a typical process for setting up a display advertising campaign below.

1. Research. Understanding your potential customer's online behaviour

Before we start any Display Advertising campaign we first need to agree the goals of the campaign and decide the ways in which we are going to judge the effectiveness.

Typically the aim of a display advertising campaign will be to seek awareness and/or direct conversion (e.g a sale or request for a quote). We also need to consider the market you are in and the competitors we are likely to encounter.

We need to fully understand your target market and seek to understand their online user habits before coming up with a strategic plan of how are going to target them.

2. Account Set-up. A range of intelligent targeting methods

Once we have agreed the fundamental aims, we can choose a method of targeting which best suits our campaign. Using the GDN (Google Display Network) we can target users in the following ways:

  • Contextual Targeting
  • Manual Placements
  • Behavioural Targeting
  • Re-Targeting
  • Layered Targeting

Once we have agreed how we are going to target your users our experts can begin to design and build your online advertising plan. As with most things digital, once the campaign has been built we can always go back make changes. The online platform will also track the performance of your campaigns once they are launched.

3. Ads, Landing Pages & Tracking. Making the perfect user journey & tracking performance

Once the advertising plan has been setup, we then need to setup the various ads, landing pages and tracking methods we are going to use.

Ads Depending upon the choice of network we are using there is the requirement for designing and uploading the various ads we are going to display to our targeted users. Our in-house design team can help put these together based on other advertising you are doing or we can create some new ideas from scratch. There are typically 10 or so different sizes (including mobile versions) we will need to produce, each with different technical requirements (e.g. some allow animation, some don't etc) We would produce each of these and submit them to you for approval.

Landing Pages We also need to consider the landing pages for each of your ads. Depending on the complexity of your campaign, there may be a need for several different landing pages, each with their own different messaging and calls to action. It may be that these pages already exist on your website, however our in-house design team are here to help produce these pages if necessary. We may also choose to create several variations of each page to gauge the change in conversion rates. When targeting mobile users it is important to consider the use of mobile specific landing pages which are suitable for smaller mobile browsers.

Tracking Finally we need to setup the tracking method to allow us to gauge the performance of the campaign. This could be anything from a sale of a product or simply a download of a brochure. Whichever action we choose, we can later use this data as a method of gauging performance. Our in-house web developers are here to help set this up or we can work with your existing agency.

4. Launch. The fun bit

Once we are happy that our targeting, ads, landing pages and tracking metrics are installed correctly it is time to unleash your campaign on the millions of web users!

Launching a campaign usually takes a few hours, so once we are happy, your ads can be being served to web users the same day, and statistics on performance can be gathered almost instantly.

We are now working with real data and the guess work is over. We can see exactly what is working and what is not. Our display advertising management team now start to maximise the ROI of your investment by tweaking the campaigns.

We usually give a campaign at least two weeks to allow the campaign to settle in before making any major changes.

5. Manage and Refine. Management, Management, Management.

The on-going management of your display advertising campaign is the secret to achieving a fantastic return on investment.

We provide bespoke detailed monthly reports (which can be adapted to suit you) which detail the performance metrics and we are on-hand to give you any updates on progress throughout the month.

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