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Content Marketing as a process is as old as marketing itself. It may have gone under different names down the years but its effectiveness has been proven by big and small brands in every industry.

By engaging your target audience through more than just self-promotional blurb, you are bringing value to your product or service at the outset. Targeting potential customers through the creation of interesting and useful content is a great way to show off your expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm. Done right, it will help attract new visitors and demonstrate to your existing customer-base just what makes you so good at what you do.

Every content marketing strategy is different, we will always agree your level of involvement beforehand; making best use of your expertise, as well as ours, to research, create and disseminate high quality content to ensure that it's going to have the greatest possible impact for your business.

The process is as follows;

Research: through your industry knowledge and our knowledge of the web, we will identify what your customers and, perhaps more importantly, potential customers are looking for.

Creative: we have a dedicated in-house team of writers and designers who can produce engaging visual and informative content. Alternatively, we can advise, direct or collaborate with you to create a range of relevant and engaging resources, from blog-posts and infographics to guest-posts and feature articles.

Outreach: creating amazing content is one thing, but if no one sees it, how will you gain any value? With a range of tools and techniques online, we will identify and contact influencers in your niche to ensure that your content is seen by as many of the right people as possible.

Reporting: the strength of any campaign has to be judged on its own merits, which is why we compile a detailed, bespoke report for every piece of work we do. We can report on visits, sales, enquiries and social signals or agree a predefined set of criteria, so you know exactly what the results of any content marketing campaign are.

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