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Using online display ads we can advertise to relevant internet users based on interest categories and online activities conducted such as searches, websites visited, content read and videos viewed.

Key features of Behavioural Targeting

  • Users can define and redefine their interests.
  • We can select interest categories based upon your target market.
  • Reach more of the right people at the right time as they're looking for what you offer.
  • Avoid wasted impressions, strengthen ad relevance and create a greater level of receptivity and openness among users.

Cost per click pricing available

Everything is conducted on a cost per click basis and is fully tracked for ROI reporting. Essentially, we can reach specific users based on their recent online activity.

For example, if Jason was interested in buying a new car and had recently been searching for the car brand or specific car and he had also been recently viewing related videos and reading articles about the car, he would be placed into the automotive audience category and we could reach him with ads specific to that car or automobiles generally.

We are reaching the buyer at the time they are looking for your product or service!

Essentially visitors to your website can be "tagged" in different ways using cookies* when visiting your website. For instance when adding a product to your shopping cart on a online store, we may choose to tag you with a cookie which details the product you have added to your cart. If you then abandon the shopping cart we can then intelligently serve ads to you encouraging you to return to complete the purchase of that specific item.

The perfect Behavioural Targeting for your business & budget

Our media behavioural marketing costs vary depending on specific campaign budgets and the methods of delivery agreed – please speak to Sam Gadsby on 0800 222 9300 for details.

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